Digital Nomad

Have you ever heard of the Bader Meinhof syndrom? It’s a phenomenon in which you start noticing a certain word more and more after you’ve heard about it for the first time. I experienced this after reading about digital nomads. I can clearly recall stumbling upon this way of living on a blog about 4 years ago; I had just graduated and returned from a backpacking trip in Asia.

It was time to enter the 9-to-5 world and look for a job, but instead I found myself searching the web about this crazy concept of location independency.

After years of dreaming and being afraid of the unknown, I finally decided it was time to chase my dreams. My year started in Mexico, followed by Cuba and Cape-Town. I’m back in Amsterdam for the summer, but the next big trip in August is already booked! I will use a blog to keep track of what I am learning along the way.


If you are as excited as I am about this adventure and want to know more about my travels and work, please leave your details here so I can let you know when the blog is ready for reading.