Zilla van den Born

Retoucher and digital creative, active in the field of post production.

When I started modelling at the age of 16, my fascination for Photoshop was born. I watched a photographer edit my body, which was really confronting. On the other hand, I was also intrigued by the possibilities and started experimenting myself.

Transforming photos from ‘good’ into ‘better and best’ to help clients tell engaging visual stories that stand out.

Nowadays I am Art Academy trained in Graphic Design and committed to create pixel perfection in visual storytelling. To me, the creative process does not stop after a photo is captured – it has only just begun. It excites me that I can enable brands, agencies and artists entering a world in which the impossible becomes possible. Together we can turn wild ideas into lively visual campaigns.

Virals travel fast. I got caught up in one after dedicating my graduation project to digital manipulation and managed to shake up the internet.

This gave me the opportunity to spread my message about distorted realities and fake social media representations to a wide audience.

It feels kind of hypocrite to work in the same industry as I plead against. I’m in conflict between being a big fan of working the photoshop magic as a retoucher and on the other hand making people more aware about the risks this editing software brings along. It fascinates me how I am able to create unworldly beautiful scenes and persons. But it also worries me that these filtered and edited photos can change our perception of the world or even damage someones self-worth. In my opinion retouching is not something that should be done secretly. It needs to be discussed and treated openly and honestly.

Need a speaker? Let’s delve into the topic of unrealistic expectations and images.